Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave therapy is one of the most efficient types of chiropractic care if you are dealing with damaged joints and ligaments. Perhaps you’re an athlete who has sustained a serious soft tissue injury. Scheduling an appointment here at Weisbrod Chiropractic in Chandler, AZ, is your best option. Our team has the necessary experience to treat different types of sports injuries. Shockwave therapy is an option. Here’s a closer look at what shockwave therapy entails.


Shockwave Therapy Explained

Shockwave therapy stimulates injured tissues, so they can begin the healing and recovery process. Athletes often receive shockwave therapy after suffering a serious injury or aren’t healing as fast after a major surgery.


During the process, a chiropractor will put a shockwave device next to the injured area. The goal is to send shock waves through the inflamed area, stimulating blood flow and creating new tissue. The growth hormones should repair the injured area. Shockwave therapy is designed to treat small and large injuries. In addition to healing features, shockwave therapy also helps stimulate nerves, which reduces pain.

The therapy helps create new cell membranes and minimize deposits in the damaged tissues, which promotes healing. The shock waves also rejuvenate cells to help bones heal. There are multiple benefits to shockwave therapy.


Shockwave therapy treatment times vary due to potential chiropractic adjustments, but most sessions last around 15 minutes. While you may feel minor discomfort at some points, the treatment is not designed to cause pain. People who receive treatment while suffering from a deep bone bruise may feel more discomfort than people who are dealing with soft tissue injuries.

Common Uses

Some common injuries shockwave therapy treats are severe foot injuries, Achilles tendons, patella tendon damage, tennis elbow, hamstring tightness, and torn rotator cuffs.

Compatible With Other Chiropractic Care

The chiropractor may recommend shockwave treatment as one part of a comprehensive treatment plan. Depending on the damaged area, they may also recommend physical therapy, acupuncture, or platelet-rich plasma injections.

Weisbrod Chiropractic Offers Shockwave Therapy

The staff here at Weisbrod Chiropractic believes that shockwave therapy helps people recover faster from serious injuries. You will experience pain reduction throughout the healing process after a few sessions. Schedule an appointment here in Chandler, AZ today at 480-821-0101 so we can get you on the path to recovery!

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