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If you have never seen a chiropractor before, it may be a good idea to ensure you know what to expect on your first visit. Prepare well so that you can go into your appointment confidently and come out of it with the help or guidance you need. If you have been dealing with chronic pain or discomfort, it might be time to reach out to a professional for help. You simply need to know how to prepare for your first appointment. Our chiropractor, Dr. Warren Weisbrod, at Weisbrod Chiropractic in Chandler, AZ, may be able to help you get to a more comfortable life. 

Book a Consultation

The first step to getting started with your journey to chiropractic care is booking a consultation. This first appointment is designed to get you and our professional familiar with one another. It’s an opportunity to share your ailments and concerns with our chiropractor. He will listen and then perform a limited examination to hopefully reach a conclusion and a diagnosis that will help him to treat you. You should prepare to share your health and problems with our chiropractor in this consultation appointment.

Know What Your Ailments Are

If you want to be prepared to visit a chiropractor, it can help to know all of your symptoms. Tell our chiropractor what pain and discomfort you are experiencing. It might help to take some time to make sure you know what you plan to say to our chiropractor when he asks you why you’ve chosen to book an appointment with them.

Have a Goal in Mind

If you know your symptoms, you should have a result in mind. If you are experiencing neck or back pain, your goal might be to relieve that pain. If you are having trouble with posture, your goal might be to rectify that. Chiropractic adjustments may be able to help you with these issues. You might not know precisely what the results of your treatments are, but you can prepare by having a general idea of your goals so you can communicate them to Dr. Weisbrod.

Visit Us for Chiropractic Adjustments

Chronic pain can take over your life. You do not have to live with it without any hope of relief. Our chiropractor might be able to help with the right method of rehabilitation. If you are ready to book a consultation with our chiropractor, reach out to us at Weisbrod Chiropractic in Chandler, AZ. We have the chiropractic care you may need to improve your quality of life. Call us at (480) 821-0101 for rehabilitation help.

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